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Fertility Apps

by Ella van Emmerik,

The FemTech industry, or female health technology, is experiencing exponential growth worldwide, with an estimated $1 billion of investment in the last 3 years. Yes, there are now iPhone apps claiming to replace all forms of hormonal contraception - but how accurately can an app prevent pregnancy?

Woman looking at a pregnancy test holding her head looking concerned

Cycle tracking apps and data security

by Ella van Emmerik,

Cycle tracking apps, or “Menstruapps” are the most popular type of health app, with over 200 available in the App Store. These apps claim to offer more freedom, convenience and peace of mind when it comes to understanding your cycle - but can users really rest easy when their most intimate data is potentially being sold to third parties?

Large computer server processing data

If you are sexually active with anyone, you need a pap smear

by Lucy Shannon,

We keep hearing women say they've been told they don't need a pap smear if they don't have sex with men. WRONG! Read this article for everything you need to know about the new pap smear regime!

Cervix embroidery pointing towards the future of pap smears!

Women in Shorts

by Alison Mann,

There are terrible gender inequities in the film industry. But in spite of this, Tassie women film makers are achieving at the top of their field.

Director Rebecca Thomson with Ninna Millikin filming Julia Drouhin on Mount Wellington 2017 - photo by Lara van Raay