Open 9.15am–4pm Mon–Thurs

25 Lefroy Street
North Hobart, Tasmania 7002

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Migrant Mother and Baby Play Group

Our Migrant Mother and Baby Playgroup is for anyone who has moved to Tasmania from overseas, has a new baby, and is looking for a way to connect with other mothers. Click here for more information. 

Breast Cancer Support Group

Our Breast Cancer Support Group happens every third Tuesday of each month from 11.45am - 1.15pm at our North Hobart Centre. Contact Rosemary on 0439 423 934 o for more details. 

Writers Group

On the first Wednesday of each month a group of women interested in writing meet to share their work and share support and creativity. 2-4pm at our North Hobart Centre. Call 6231 3212 for more information.