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Women's Health Information Line 

1800 675 028 is a state-wide free-call service for women in Tasmania. It is staffed by trained health workers. We can provide you with information on general health issues and individual support. Translating and interpreting services are available.

This is an information only line - our team does not give medical advice or opinions.

We have active partnerships and referral networks with other services and agencies. We can help you find out what is available in your area that may suit your needs.


Mental Health

At Women's Health Tasmania, we understand the significant impact our mental health can have on our well-being. We are fortunate enough to be able to offer multiple different services to support your mental health. 

Some of our mental health services include counselling, self-care workshops, meditation classes, physical activity classes, and general self-care information, including a guided breathing exercise.

We also have online resources - a podcast series, Meditation with Valerie, which you can use to practice meditation in your own time. And we have two online forums - one for people with lived experience of mental illness, and one for carers/family members of people with lived experience - which we deliver in partnership with SANE Australia. These online forums are moderated 24/7.

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Related resources

Self care handout

This handout contains information about self-care that was developed out of our work with different communities in Tasmania. It has lots of useful information, and a link to our Health Worker showing how to do a 5-minute breathing exercise.