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Tea (and cake) at the Climate Café  

Climate anxiety can make us feel alone. That’s where Climate Cafés come in.  

Therese and Molly are about to begin hosting Climate Cafés in the nipaluna/Hobart area.  

What is a Climate Café? Is there cake? 

Molly: Climate Cafes are places where people get together to share difficult feelings about the climate crisis.  

Climate Café facilitators Molly Kendall (left) and Therese Smith (right).

Feeling anxious about the climate?

Climate anxiety is the name given to feelings like worry, fear, sadness, anger, uncertainty, helplessness, and loss related to the climate crisis.

It can be about

Woman with dark curls in a yellow sweater sitting in front of a plain green background. Her face has merged into a long blur of colour.

We are all like teapots

We are all like teapots

Yes, that’s right. A teapot. We are pouring cups of tea out of our pot all day every time we help other people. But we are not magic teapots. We get empty!

A glass teapot three quarters full of tea. It also has a flower in it.

Shout your story! Because stories are medicine  

by Lily Sassafras , 11th Nov, 2023

You only need to listen to the silence about abortion to know that, even though it’s a legal health procedure and accessible in Tasmania, it’s still a major taboo to talk about it openly.  

Taboos exist for many reasons, but they can be harmful when they leave you silenced. There is still a stigma surrounding abortion for both those undergoing abortions and those giving them.

A Russian Revolution poster showing a woman in headscarf shouting into a megaphone

Our response to Tassie's draft Housing Strategy

The Tasmanian Government is working on a Housing Strategy and has just released a draft for comment.

Medium distance photograph of houses on a hill in Hobart

Counting the wins: How activism is changing the story of endometriosis  

Australia is finally set to change the story of endo: and it is people who live with endo who have led the charge! 

An estimated 1 in 10 women and folk who have a uterus also have endo. It’s a condition where tissue similar to the uterus lining grows outside the uterus. It causes pain, fatigue and in some cases also affects fertility.  

Women holding signs which say 'use your voice', 'together we rise', and 'do your part'.

Listening to women talk about birth trauma 

Having a baby is a huge life transition and childbirth is a major physical and emotional event. 

When we talk with women about their birth experiences, they describe them with a mixture of words; painful, powerful, long, amazing, awful and sometimes traumatic.   

A woman on a hospital bed holding a new baby.

Your Vagus Nerve and how singing can make you feel better.  

Come for a wander with us as we explore the silent systems that make you breathe, digest and react to learn how you can improve your health by harnessing the therapeutic power of singing for your Vagus Nerve!  


Woman singing and dancing in her kitchen.

Maxine’s story of postnatal thyroiditis

by Maxine, 2nd Apr, 2023

“After my third birth, this goitre appeared quite quickly.

"What I now know is that it has to do with the foetus using up the body’s iodine during pregnancy.

A mother plants a loving kiss on her very young baby's bald head. This is not a photo of the author.

A bomber jacket with a brain and ... a uterus

by Emma Cardall, 9th Mar, 2023

While participating in WHT's Knit Your Bits art project, Emma Cardall was inspired to create a unique wearable piece of art as "a reminder to all that we are so much more than 'reproductive systems'."


A WHT model shows off the power and glory of a pink glossy bomber jacket featuring a needlepoint uterus and brain.