Open 9.15am–4pm Mon–Thurs

25 Lefroy Street
North Hobart, Tasmania 7002

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Our People

Women's Health Tasmania is an Incorporated Association which is overseen by a voluntary Board made up of 11 elected women members. Expressions of interest for the Board are sought in the months prior to the AGM in September. Board members are elected by the general membership.

The members of our Board are;

  • Lakshmi Sundram - Chair and Public Officer
  • Naomi Bryant - Treasurer
  • Rebekah McWhirter - Secretary
  • Nadia Ayliffe - Board Member
  • Laura Purcell- Board Member
  • Claire Vickers- Board Member
  • Meredith Nash- Board Member
  • Rachel Andrews - Board Member
  • Justine Barwick - Board Member
  • Ngaire Burgess - Board Member
  • Emilie Linscott - Board Member

Our staff

  • CEO - Jo Flanagan
  • Finance Officer - Julie Cooper
  • Project Officer - Margie Law
  • Administration Officer - Alison Mann

Health Workers

  • Kelly Madden
  • Heidi Morton
  • Maree Ransley
  • Lucy Shannon
  • Jen Van-Achteren

Health Promotion Activity Providers

  • Valerie Cameron
  • Jean Gilbert
  • Wendy Hartshorn
  • Nicole Harstead
  • Gill Whitehouse

Encore Facilitators

  • Wendy Hartshorn
  • Rosemary Kerrison
  • Mandy Page
  • Tamara Mills