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Rural Strength Training

Rural Strength Training in your community

Women's Health Tasmania has developed a unique program to respond to rural communities' requests for affordable, local and sustainable physical activity programs.

A group of people doing stretching exercises

Menstrual Health

Women's Health Tas has a number of projects running around the topic of menstrual health, ranging from practical help for people dealing with period poverty, to workshops and podcasts.

Four women standing in their underwear with their arms making x shapes


Women's Health Tasmania has a number of projects providing information and resources around menopause.

The advertisement for the original consultation for the menopause workshop

Women's Health Fund

The Women's Health Fund is a brokerage fund to cover the cost of specific sexual and reproductive health services.

It is administered state-wide by Women's Health Tasmania with the assistance of General Practitioners and other health service providers. (The forms are at the bottom of this page.)

Women standing holding connected ropes; showing networking and working together

Reproductive Options/ Coercion Training

Women's Health Tasmania has partnered with Queensland's innovative Children By Choice to develop a unique training opportunity for Tasmanian workers. The training presents evidence-based strategies for people who provide counselling, support or health care to people who are pregnant.

Two of our trainers standing in front of Women's Health Tasmania banner

Pregnancy Choices Tasmania

Womens Health Tasmania manages Pregnancy Choices Tasmania, an online directory of Tasmanian sexual and reproductive health services. People seeking information can use its 'find a service' function to find services in their local area. 

Photo of home page of Pregnancy Choices Tasmania website. Image has text and a map of Tasmania.

Mentors in Violence Prevention

Women's Health Tasmania offers Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) workshops to communities and workplaces.

MVP provides skills to help end violence in our communities by helping us learn how to be effective bystanders.

Bystanders can confront, interrupt, or prevent violence. The workshop develops skills for concrete options you can safely use in a range of situations.

Sign showing way to an MVP workshop

The Undies Project

The Undies Project sends people who tick all the boxes above 5 pairs of period friendly underwear in their size.

Period friendly undies absorb moisture. They are reusable. They're better for the planet and they're cheaper than buying single use items!

Undies poster