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As part of our commitment to promoting women’s health we’ll keep you up to date with Press releases, Submissions, reports and useful links to documents and websites.

Strategic Plan

Annual reports

Financial Report 2018/19

Women's Health Tasmania Financial Report for the 2018-2019 financial year.

Annual Report 2017/18

Women's Health Tasmania Annual Report for 2017/18

Financial Report 2017/18

Women's Health Tasmania Financial Report for the 2017-2018 financial year.

Press Releases

Speaking up for Tasmania’s Women


June 2019 - A Sexual and Reproductive Health Special
December 2018 - 30th Anniversary Special

Reports and Articles

Talking to LGBTIQ+ Women About Health, Tasmania 2020

This report gathers information from meetings with women from the LGBTIQ+ community across Tasmania in 2020.

Talking to Women in Rural and Remote Tasmania 2019

This report gathers information from meetings held in 2019 with women based in rural and remote areas of Tasmania.

Women's Health Survey Report 2019

Results of our online Women's Health Survey 2019

Proposed Religious Discrimination Bill - Health Care Provisions 2019
Just Support Project Report - Throughcare for women exiting prison 2017

Throughcare for women exiting Mary Hutchinson Women’s Prison: towards  gender responsive approach. April 2017

Evaluation of the Nurse Practitioner Role at the Hobart Women’s Health Centre 2013

Conducted by Dr Shandell Elmer and Dr Christine Stirling School of Nursing and Midwifery University of Tasmania June 2013

Sprouting Seeds – Tasmanian Eating Disorders Information Line Project Report 2011

The project was conducted the by the Women's Health Tasmania and funded by Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)


Response to the Second Draft of the Religious Discrimination Bill January 2020.

Women's Health Tasmania's response to the Second Draft of the Religious Discrimination Bill, January 2020.

Response to Exposure Draft of Religious Discrimination Bill October 2019

WHT's response to the Federal Government's Exposure Draft of the Religious Discrimination Bill 2019

Legal recognition of Sex and Gender TLRI Issues paper – Sept 2019
Submission to the Select Committee on Housing Affordability - July 2019
Submission in response to Discussion Paper-Section 194K of the Evidence Act 2001–May 2019

Proposed legislative reform to allow the survivor of a sexually violent crime to tell their story.

Submission to the consultation on the Family Violence Reforms Bill – 2018
Submission to the Religious Freedom Review (Dept of Prime Minister and Cabinet) – 2018
Submission on the Tasmanian Women's Strategy 2017
Submission to the Senate Select Committee on the Exposure Draft of the Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill 2017
Submission to the discussion paper on Civil penalties regime for non-consensual sharing of intimate images. - 2017
Letter to the Fair Work Commission in support of the application for paid family and domestic violence leave – 2016
Submission to the Joint Select Committee on Future Gaming Markets December 2016
One State One Health System Submission 2015
Submission in response to Healthy Tasmania Five Year Strategic Plan - Community Consultation December 2015
Submission to Joint Committee Preventative Health 2015
Submission to Rethink Mental Health Tasmania 2015
Parliamentary Inquiry House of Representatives Social Policy and Legal Affairs Committee Inquiry into Child Support Program 2014
Letter to all Senators regarding the proposed Medicare Co-Payment – 2014