Open 9.15am–4pm Mon–Thurs

25 Lefroy Street
North Hobart, Tasmania 7002

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About Women's Health Tasmania

Women's Health Tasmania (originally named the Hobart Women's Health Centre) was founded in 1988. One year later - after 14 years of lobbying - funding for the Health Centre was received.

The organisation is run according to feminist principles. We are run by women for women, with the vision of women being informed and active decision makers in our own health and well being.  We understand the broader impact of society on women’s health.

We have an exemption under Section 57 of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1998 (Tas) to discriminate on the basis of gender in favour of women in employment and the provision of services and facilities.

Women’s Health Tasmania has an inclusive definition of ‘woman’. We work to support everyone who identifies as a woman.