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Mentors in Violence Prevention

Cartoon people wondering what to do while one asks for help
Cartoon people wondering what to do while one asks for help

The Mentors in Violence Prevention Program (MVP) provides skills to help end violence in our communities by helping us learn how to be effective bystanders.

Bystanders can confront, interrupt, or prevent violence. The training is for people from the general community. The workshop develops skills for concrete options you can safely use in a range of situations.

The workshops were delivered far and wide in 2021 and we are continuing our travels in 2022. They are funded by a grant from the Tasmanian Community Fund.  

The workshops are being delivered by a partnership between Women's Health Tasmania, Hobart Women's Shelter, Engender Equality and Women's Legal Service.

Come along, meet nice folk, and chat!


Upcoming workshop details

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UTAS SANDY BAY, 20 July,  For uni students and staff. To book, contact

George Town, 27 July, 9.30 - 2.30pm

UTAS NEWNHAM, 11 August, For uni students and staff. To book, contact

Beaconsfield, 17 August, 9.30-2.30pm

Smithton, 15 September, 9.45 - 2.45pm

Scottsdale, 27 September, 9.30 - 2.30pm


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