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Can your pelvic floor muscles be TOO strong?!

Did you know if your pelvic floor muscles are too strong or tight it can cause you problems?

Hypertonic (or overactive) pelvic floor is where the muscles in your lower pelvis are in a state of constant contraction and aren’t able to fully relax. It affects people of all genders and ages.

Woman holding stomach

Can your pelvic floor muscles be too weak?

Oh lord, yes! When your pelvic floor is too weak to do its job properly it is called hypotonic.

An xray of a pelvis held in front of a woman's body

Take a break from body-negativity (it’s good for you!)

We live in a body negative culture. Collectively, women’s bodies are too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, too rounded, too muscley, too flabby, too differently abled, too stretched, too pregnant or they’re the wrong colour. For a hot minute, thinness was in, but beauty ideals keep on changing and now the messaging about what’s ‘beautiful’ is getting more complicated.

Woman dancing by the sea

Your health and the natural environment

The places where we live, work and play can improve or undermine our health.

Woman dancing in a wheat field

Walking is good for your mind

Did you know how connected your legs and your mind are?

Whether you walk with a group or on your own, walking is great. It can improve your mood, reduce the risk of depression and anxiety, and it can help create more balance in your life.

Feet in boots

Yoga: The Union of Body and Mind

by Jen Van-Achteren, 17th Feb, 2022

Whether you regularly roll out your mat at a yoga class or have never entertained the thought, you will likely have heard of the mind-body connection offered through yoga.


Woman doing yoga

Rise in gut problems and depression…coincidence or related?

  • Have you ever gone through a stressful experience and noticed that your appetite disappeared?
  • Have you had constipation and noticed how lethargic, irritable, and low in mood it made you feel?
  • Have you ever been really anxious and felt ‘butterflies’ in your stomach, or noticed you needed to run to the toilet multiple times?


Hands holding a picture of the gut

Things no-one tells you about pregnancy

When they tell the story of the Nativity, they don’t tell you that Mary was a martyr to her haemorrhoids. Well, she must have been. Riding a donkey heavily pregnant wasn’t going to do her any favours.

That’s because our society doesn’t really talk about the normal experiences of parenthood and life postpartum. Here are two important things to know. 

Pregnant tummy with 'baby loading' written on it

A Pause in Periods

If you are experiencing the joy of going red from the neck up as a hot flush overtakes your body and, like Superman, find you are looking for a telephone booth[1] to strip off some clothes, don’t panic.

Or you might be changing your PJs and bed linen regularly as you “sleep” in a sweat hot enough for mussels to cook in your belly button.

Older women with zest doing exercise

A new podcast series

Today we are launching a new podcast series. This one is on mindfulness.

Meditation with Valerie is a sequence of mindfulness meditations with WHT's instructor, Valerie Cameron.  In this series Valerie guides us through several different styles of meditation and help us understand the neuroscience that makes meditation so helpful.

Advertising picture for podcast series