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The Undies Project

Undies poster
Undies poster

Strewth! We are running low on Undies!

So that all of lutruwita/Tasmania gets a fair go, we’re pressing pause on period undies distribution for a hot second.

But don’t panic!

Thanks to all your generous donations, we have been able to make another order for period undies from ModiBodi and will let you know as soon as they arrive.

In the meantime, you can register your interest in becoming a future Undies Warrior here.

Do you want to help?

Become an Undies Patron by making a donation through our GiveNow page. Your donation means somewhere in Tassie, an Undies Warrior recieves a set of 5 period undies. 

Please write "undies" in the comments section so we know that you want to support an Undies Warrior. 

What is The Undies Project?

The Undies Project model is simple. We send a bundle of 5 pairs of period-friendly underwear to women/people who:

  • have a period AND
  • have a Health Care Card/Pension Concession Card AND
  • want to save the planet

Most people who try using period undies love them!

There are lots of reasons why people love the undies, but here are two of the big ones:

  1. Pads and tampons have a lot of plastic in them. They end up on our tips and they contribute to landfill. Landfill contributes to global warning by causing greenhouse gas emissions. Period undies mean less plastic in landfill.
  2. Pads and tampons are single use. You can use period friendly underwear over and over. In the end, they’re cheaper.

So, this project helps you lower your costs, and help save the planet at the same time.

Sound good? Sign up here.

Who are the undies for? 

Not everyone who has a period is a woman. We know (because the first lot of Undies Warriors told us) that some non-binary people have a period and some trans men have periods. 

No matter your gender, if you have a period and you have a Health Care Card/Pension Concession Card, you are warmly, loudly and happily invited to sign up to the project! 

Do period friendly undies require special care?

Yes, a bit. You have to wash them out after about 8 hours use and you can’t tumble dry them. If you don’t have somewhere to wash your clothes, you are better off using single use pads and tampons.

Wowzers trousers – I want to support the project!

Wowee! Thank you!

If you can afford it, you can make a financial donation to The Undies Project through our GiveNow page (please write “Undies Card” in the comments section if you are buying a gift card for a friend, or just "Undies" if you just want to make a donation to the project. That way we know where you want the money to go.)

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