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The Undies Project

Undies poster
Undies poster

What is The Undies Project?

The Undies Project sends a bundle of 5 pairs of period-friendly underwear to women/people who:

  • have a period AND
  • have a Health Care Card/Pension Concession Card AND
  • want to save the planet

Most people who try period undies love them!

There are lots of reasons why people love the undies, but here are two of the main ones:

  1. Pads and tampons have a lot of plastic in them. They end up on our tips and they contribute to landfill. Landfill contributes to global warning by causing greenhouse gas emissions. Period undies mean less plastic in landfill.
  2. You can use period friendly underwear over and over. In the end, they’re cheaper than single use pads and tampons. Period friendly underwear helps you lower your cost of living.

So, this project helps people, and the planet. 

Wowzers trousers – I want to support the project!

A Patron of the Pant! Thank you! You can DONATE HERE

Follow the prompts to donate to the Undies Project directly or to buy a gift card for someone that represents a donation to Women’s Health Tasmania on their behalf.  

Your donation means that someone in lutruwita/Tasmania receives period undies for free. Pretty cool, huh?

So far, we’ve sent out a whopping 7460 pairs of period undies! That's a lot of Tasmanian bottoms. 

To us, this shows the huge need for free period products, and that Tasmanians really want to do their bit for climate change by reducing landfill.

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far! 

Period Undies applications temporarily closed. 

Tasmanian menstruators, thank you, you've answered the call again! But that does mean we have run out of stock. We are currently fundraising so we can order the next palette load of undies. Keep an eye on our social media for updates! 

Who are the undies for? 

If you have a period and you have a Health Care Card/Pension Concession Card, you are invited to sign up to the project.

Not everyone who has a period is a woman. Some non-binary people and some trans men have periods. This project welcomes participants of all genders.

Do period friendly undies require special care?

Yes, they do. You have to rinse them in cold water after about 8 hours of use; then you can wash them in your machine, but you can’t tumble dry them. (There's a video below explaining how to look after them.) If you don’t have somewhere to wash your clothes, this project is not for you; if you are experiencing trouble affording period products give us a call and we can help you get an emergency supply of single use pads and tampons.

Ari and Ella talk about what’s good about period undies!



Modibodi Vlog: How to care for your Modibodi period undies