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The Undies Project

Saving the planet one pair of undies at a time.

Do you

  • Menstruate?
  • Live in the Hobart City Council area?
  • Live on a low income (have a Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession card)
  • Have somewhere you can wash clothes?
  • Want to save some money?
  • Want to help save the planet?

Yes? Brilliant. You have the potential to be an Undies Warrior. Welcome to the team.

Sign up for The Undies Project!

What is The Undies Project?

The Undies Project sends people who tick all the boxes above 5 pairs of period friendly underwear in their size.

Period friendly undies absorb moisture. They are reusable. You need about 5 pairs to manage an average period.

After a month or two we will be following up with participants to find out what it was like using the period friendly undies. We want to know how satisfied people are with them, and whether they will keep using them.

The project is being run by Women’s Health Tasmania in partnership with Australian underwear manufacturer Modibodi. It is supported by the City of Hobart through their Urban Sustainability Grant.

Why would I want to be part of this?

Why would you want to use them?

Two really good reasons

  1. Pads and tampons have a lot of plastic in them. They end up on our tips and they contribute to landfill. Landfill contributes to global warning by causing greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Pads and tampons are single use. You can use period friendly underwear over and over. In the end, they’re cheaper.

So this project will help you lower your costs, and help save the planet at the same time.

Do period friendly undies require special care?

Yes, a bit. You have to wash them out after about 8 hours use and you can’t tumble dry them. If you don’t have somewhere to wash your clothes, you are better off using single use pads and tampons.

I’m in! How do I join the project?

Fill in your details here , and we will get in touch with you.

What?? I don’t live in the Hobart City Council area!!?

This is a pilot project supported by the City of Hobart as part of its effort to address landfill. If it’s successful we’re hoping to take it other parts of Tasmania.

So keep an eye on The Undies Project.


(Hobart City Council area: Battery Point, Dynnyrne, Fern Tree, Glebe, Hobart, Lenah Valley, Lower Sandy Bay, Mount Nelson, Mount Stuart, New Town, North Hobart, the Domain, Ridgeway, Sandy Bay, South Hobart, Tolmans Hill, West Hobart)

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