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She's Out There

She's Out There is a podcast created for Tasmanian women about sexual and reproductive health.

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S2 Ep 3: The Luxury of Choice

What happens when you don’t have the money to buy period products?  

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S2 Ep 2: Crouching Tampon, Hidden Plastic

Single use period products are everywhere! They are so popular in fact that we’ve got something of an environmental mess on our hands. 

But how did single use pads and tampons get to be so popular? How did we get to be so reliant? And what should we do about them? 

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S2 Ep 1: Your period has been hijacked!

Have you experienced that weird sense of shame, embarrassment and secrecy about your period? You’re not alone!   

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Episode 7: Getting help when sex is painful – Dr Sue Mallett

In this final episode in the series, Dr Sue talks with Women’s Health Tasmania CEO Jo Flanagan about the things that can cause painful sex – vaginismus, vulvodynia or just not being into it.

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Episode 6: Getting help when sex is painful - Continence and Women's Health Physiotherapist Rachel Andrew

Women’s Health Tasmania CEO Jo Flanagan talks with Women’s Health Physiotherapist Rachel Andrew about the very hopeful news on treatment for women who experience painful sex.

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Episode 5: Termination of pregnancy in Tasmania

The termination of a pregnancy is a huge, difficult and sometimes frightening decision. In this episode, Women's Health Tasmania CEO Jo Flanagan and Launceston GP Dr Sue Mallett explain what is involved for any Tasmanian woman researching this decision.

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Episode 4a: Bivisability, the importance of community and some helpful advice for health professionals

Women's Health Tasmania Health worker Jen talks about bivisibilty, the importance of community connection as well as some helpful advice for health professionals wanting to be more inclusive in their practice.

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Episode 4b: Bonus - Advice from Dr Sue about safe sex and cervical screening if you are sexually active

Launceston GP Dr Sue Mallett has a special interest in sexual and reproductive health. In this bonus episode, she gives helpful advice about safe sex and the importance of cervical screening for anyone with a cervix who is sexually active.

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Episode 4: Bisexual women's access to health care in Tasmania

Sociologist Dr Ruby Grant takes us through what the letters stand for in LGBTIQ+ and shares insights from her research with young bisexual women into their experiences of accessing sexual health care in Tasmania.

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Episode 3: LARCs – contraceptives that will help you to sing on the wing

Mirena. Kyleena. Implanon. Girl’s names? NO! These are brand names for Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives. Implanon is a contraceptive implant under the skin in your arm.