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Episode 4a: Bivisability, the importance of community and some helpful advice for health professionals

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Dr Ruby Grant and Womens Health Tasmania CEO Jo Flanagan

Sociologist Dr Ruby Grant and Women’s Health Tasmania CEO Jo Flanagan in front of the Women’s Health Tasmania work car (which also doubled as our recording studio during those innocent pre-COVID times last year).

This is the last in the side journey within the podcast series into issues around sexual health for LGBTIQ+ women. Previously we have covered what the research tells us about bisexual women’s access to health care, and advice about safe sex and cervical screening for women who have sex with women.

In this episode, Women’s Health Tasmania Health Worker Jen talks about bivisibilty and the importance of community connection as well as providing some helpful advice for health professionals wanting to be more inclusive in their practice.


LGBTIQ+ Support

  • Working it Out

    A Tasmanian organisation providing support and information across the state
  • Working it Out Together

    A special COVID 19 initiative from Working it Out
  • Qlife

    Online and phone support service that runs from 3pm till midnight every day
  • Bi+ Australia

    Provides support and counselling to bi+ people and people who are questioning their attraction/sexuality as well as to their partners, parents, family members and friends. Also provides education for service providers and information.

Other Resources

Community Connection


Further reading and research

Research by Dr Ruby Grant and Dr Meredith Nash - Young bisexual women's sexual health care experiences in Australian rural general practice

Research by Julia Taylor, Jennifer Power, Elizabeth Smith, Mark Rathbone - Bisexual Mental health: Findings from the ‘Who Am I’ Study. 2019. doi: 10.31128/AJGP-06-18-4615  

(A warning – this research will either fire you up, or make you feel sad).

Book by Shiri Eisner - Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution.