Open 9.15am–4pm Mon–Thurs

25 Lefroy Street
North Hobart, Tasmania 7002

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We offer Hatha Yoga free online through a free private Facebook group called Online Classes with Women's Health Tasmania. These stream a Gentle Sunrise Flow class with Jen live at 6.30am Monday - Thursday. These classes are available at any time on the group feed. Click on the link to join.

You can also watch our classes on our Youtube channel. The Youtube classes are available through our enews. Subscribe below. 

North Hobart

We offer Hatha Yoga classes with Jen at our North Hobart Centre, 25 Lefroy St on Wednesday mornings.

9.30am - 11:00am

Classes have a maximum of 9 participants. Cost $10. To find out more call 6231 3212.

The last session for 2023 will be on Wednesday December 13. Classes will recommence Wednesday January 10, 2024.


WHT offers Hatha Yoga classes at the Ouse District School every Monday. This service is offered in partnership with the Tasmanian Health Service.

Mary Hutchinson Women's Prison

WHT offers yoga classes to women in the Women's Prison on Thursday afternoons. This service is offered in partnership with the Tasmanian Prison Service.