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Pregnancy Options Counselling (face to face and telehealth)

Image of a person's legs and feet in jeans and sneakers taking steps towards two chalk drawn arrows.
Image of a person's legs and feet in jeans and sneakers taking steps towards two chalk drawn arrows.

Pregnant and thinking about what to do?

Is someone putting pressure on you to keep or end a pregnancy?

Have you had an abortion and want to talk?

At Women’s Health Tasmania we provide free, non-directive pregnancy options counselling and counselling for after an abortion.

We can give you information about all your options: whether it be about abortion, adoption or continuing the pregnancy.

You can see our counsellor up to three times and we will aim to get you an appointment within a week of calling us. You can choose to have the appointment face-to-face, over the phone or online.

Our pregnancy options counsellor will not ‘advise’ you on which option you should choose or try to push one option over another. We will keep your conversation confidential and support you to make the decision that is right for you. Nobody can know better than you what the best decision is.

Call us on 1800 675 028 or email @email to make an appointment.

To find further information about sexual and reproductive healthcare services in your area, check out our Pregnancy Choices Tasmania website here. 

Women's Health Fund

The Women's Health Fund is administered state-wide by Women's Health Tasmania with the assistance of partner agencies.

The aim of the Women's Health Fund is to assist women aged 25 years and over, who otherwise could not afford to access sexual and reproductive health services. The fund assists disadvantaged women across Tasmania.

Young women aged 12 - 24 can access the Youth Health Fund via The Link

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