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Please Stand Here: Tasmanian Women Talk About Pandemics, Public Health and People

Woman stands in a powerful pose, wearing a superhero outfit.
Woman stands in a powerful pose, wearing a superhero outfit.

We celebrated International Women’s Day with a free online panel discussion on Wed 10th March.  That week was exactly one year since we started to hear, ‘Stand here.’ ‘Stay home’…for all our sakes’.

2020 shone a bright light on how we live, and the many inequities that affect women’s lives. But it also offered opportunities, moments of connection. It had the potential to be the year that changed us all. 

We are delighted to share with you a recording of our 2021 IWD Forum, where you will hear from an extraordinary group of Tasmanian women talk about their experiences of 2020, and what they see for our future.

The forum was opened by Sarah Courtney, Minister for Health and Minister for Women and hosted by Jo Flanagan, CEO of Women’s Health Tasmania.

It is a chance to hear stories of the pandemic, shared insights and discussions on the challenges facing women. Most importantly, it’s a chance for us to look forward, to be bold and make change!

To watch the forum on via YouTube click on the video below.



The speakers:

Kim Dobromilsky is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist based at the North West Private Hospital (Burnie).

Kartanya Maynard is a Tasmanian Aboriginal woman working as an artist in nipaluna/Hobart.

Fiona Strahan is a long standing advocate for the disability rights movement, including spending the past few years as the figurehead for Disability Voices Tasmania.

Jane Pirkis is the Director of the Centre for Mental Health, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne.

Kym Goodes is the former CEO of TasCOSS, and is currently a member of the Premier’s Social and Economic Recovery Advisory Council.