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Badass or bleeding? What menstrual phase are you in?

A circular diagram is cut into four segments, each representing a stage of the menstrual cycle.
A circular diagram is cut into four segments, each representing a stage of the menstrual cycle.

Where are you in your menstrual cycle today, and what do you need?

Women's Health Tasmania has developed a new resource to support undersntading of what you need and how this changes throughout your cycle.

The four typical phases are outlined below.

Bleeding – menstrual blood is flowing. Do you need to give yourself permission to not go at 100%? Do you need chocolate? Do you need time to dream and stare out the window while hugging a heat pack? Do you need to binge-watch some quality (or not quality) tv?

Do – the bleed is over, the energy rises! Do you need a long walk or a kick-boxing class? To do something new and fun with friends? Clean out your wardrobe? Do you need more complex carbohydrates like fruit and whole grains to support that boost of energy (pass me that banana & peanut butter on toast…)

Release the egg – you are ovulating! Do you need to get creative in the garden, in the kitchen, at the easel or on your guitar? Do you need to pay some special attention to loving your body? Do you need a group hug with your favourite people?

Badass – some people call this PMS, but we call it the badass phase. Do you need to channel your anger into activism? Eat some iron-rich foods like pasta, dark leafy greens, or a comforting bowl of porridge? Set boundaries and use your clear-eyed perspective to do something that makes you feel like you? Take what you need.

If you would like more information or have questions about the menstrual cycle, please contact Women's Health Tasmania, Monday to Thursday, 9:15am to 4pm on (03) 6231 3232 or

Download our Menstrual Phases Diagram as a handy reference for family and friends!

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