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Pregnancy Choices Information

*This information is updated regularly.  Last updated: 23 June 2021.  

An unplanned pregnancy can bring up a range of emotions. Our Health Workers are available to provide compassionate and confidential information and support on 1800 675 028 (Monday to Thursday 9.15am to 4pm). We can also provide counselling by phone (or face to face from our North Hobart centre) by appointment.

Women’s Health Tasmania is a pro-choice organisation. That means we can provide you with information about all of your pregnancy options. We will support you in your choice and can help link you with services.


Some of the important information on this page, about terminations/abortions, is also available in both simplified and traditional Chinese characters. Chinese language options.      English translation.

Further information about pregnancy options is provided in English below:

Termination of Pregnancy/Abortion

Termination of Pregnancy/Abortion is legal and available in Tasmania. 

It is important to consider your options as soon as possible. The longer a pregnancy progresses the more difficult it can be to access a termination of pregnancy.

There are two ways a termination can occur – using medication or surgery.

Medication Termination 

Medication terminations are available up to 9 weeks of pregnancy. Family Planning Tasmania provides information about medication terminations here.

The list below includes most of the services and doctors that provide medication terminations in Tasmania (or via telehealth). Our Health Workers can also provide details for additional services as not all doctors/services are listed here. Call us on 1800 675 028 (Monday - Thursday from 9.15am to 4pm).








Family Planning Tasmania


6273 9117

421 Main Road Glenorchy

Ochre Medical Centre, Huonville

(Formerly the Huon Valley Health Centre)

Dr Dora von Conrady

Dr Jessica Shill

Dr Hannah Wintergreen

*Please mention the appointment is for a Medical Termination.   

6264 2800

85 Main Street Huonville

Huon Doctor Surgery To book an appointment with Dr Sylwia Zala please speak to Vanessa or Jacqui on reception. 6264 1666 49 Main Street Huonville

Glebe Hill Family Practice

Dr Dora von Conrady

Dr Anna Kingshott

6169 0000

45 Hance Road Howrah

Tasmanian Early Pregnancy Support Service

Phone reception and ask for a TEPSS assessment appointment

6144 6550

174 Brighton Rd Brighton

Derwent Valley Medical Centre

Dr Gemma Dwyer

Dr Lester Pepingco

Dr Zoe Dodge

6261 1399 11 Burnett Street New Norfolk
John Street Medical *Please mention the appointment is for a Medical Termination.

6229 1987

5 John Street



Family Planning Tasmania


6343 4566

93 Patterson Street, Launceston  (parking in internal courtyard off Patterson St)

Pedestrian access from 16 Wellington Street, Launceston

Northern Midlands Medical Services

  6391 1170

Longford Medical Centre

28 George Street, Longford 


Perth Doctors Surgery

180 Fairlough Street, Perth

Launceston Women’s Health Clinic


6388 9284  

Level 1, 247 Wellington Street, Launceston

The Bubble Launceston   6724 3063 4/23 Brisbane Street, Launceston

North West

Family Planning Tasmania

Various (Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

6431 7692 199 Mount St Upper Burnie
Don Medical Clinic   6441 5299 7/48-54 Oldaker St Devonport


Marie Stopes Australia Various

1300 336 043

Telehealth service – Medical abortion by phone

You do not need a referral from a GP to access these services/doctors. When you call, it is best to advise the receptionist that you are calling about a medical termination so you can be booked in for the correct appointments as soon as possible.

Surgical Termination  

Surgical terminations of pregnancy are available in Tasmania up until 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Surgical terminations are available at public hospitals in all three regions of the state.  You access a surgical termination by getting a referral from a GP. Your GP will refer you to the appropriate local hospital.

Surgical terminations through the public hospitals are free of charge.

If you are not covered by Medicare and your health insurance does not cover this procedure there is financial help available to cover your costs.

The earlier you are in a pregnancy, the more options you have. You can find out what options for a surgical termination are available by speaking to Women’s Health Tasmania or a GP as soon as possible.

Sometimes a pregnancy is terminated because there are complications with the pregnancy. If this is the case for you, the hospital overseeing your antenatal care will help you with the arrangements.

If you need a termination after approximately 16 weeks of pregnancy for other reasons you can be referred to a service interstate.  You can find out more about this by

  • Calling Women’s Health Tasmania on 1800 675 028.
  • Talking to a Family Planning GP (03) 6169 2036.
  • Researching information using a Victorian service called 1800 My Options here.

Family Planning Tasmania provides more information about surgical terminations in English here. A GP, particularly a Family Planning Tasmania GP can assist with referring you to an interstate service.

Help with costs

Patient Travel Assistance Scheme

The patient Travel Assistance Scheme provides financial help with travel and/or accommodation costs if you need to travel to another part of the state or interstate to access a termination. You can call Jaime Rainbow at the Patient Travel Assistance Scheme on 0436 802 726 for more information about this assistance

Other Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may also be available to help with the cost of a termination through the Women’s Health Fund if you are 25 or over and have a Pension Concession Card, Health Care Card or are experiencing financial hardship.  If you are under 25 financial help may be available through the Youth Health Fund.

Talk to the doctor about this or call our Health Workers on 1800 675 028 for more information.

Talking to your GP

Some doctors have a conscientious objection to terminations (they disagree with the procedure). These doctors do not have to provide you with information about, or help you access a termination but the law says they must provide you with a list of prescribed health services as soon as they know you want a termination or want information about all options regarding your pregnancy.

Women’s Health Tasmania is one of these prescribed health services – you can call us on 1800 675 028.

Other services you can talk to:

These services also provide information or counselling about all of your pregnancy options:

Continuing the pregnancy and parenting

Health Direct has a good summary of pregnancy and birth care options in Tasmania here.

You can talk with a GP about the pregnancy care options available in your region. If you don’t have a regular GP, there are GPs at Family Planning Tasmania who can provide information about pregnancy care options and refer you to pregnancy care providers.

Women’s Health Tasmania also offers some services when you are pregnant.

Our psychologist Kelly offers free Preparation for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting sessions. You can book up to three free sessions by calling us on 1800 675 028.


Adoption is a legal process where the legal rights and responsibilities for a child are transferred from the birth parents to the adoptive parents. You can contact an Adoption Officer to talk about this option through the State Government’s Adoption and Permanency Services program here

They also provide more information about placing a child for adoption here.