Rosie the Riveter Stories



I love Women’s Health Tasmania because it’s a place which is welcoming, open, inclusive, non-judging, warm, diverse, accessible and supportive.

I worked as Emotional Health Worker from 2000 – mid 2005: counselling, Encore, meditation, breast cancer support group, monthly themed group sessions, working within a great team of highly skilled and talented women.

It is the Encore program* which inspired me to study and work with movement for healing, now for 12 years in my personal training business Strength’n Energy. Since about 2011 I have returned to run Encore, lead Tai Chi and  Ageing Well with Weights.

My highlight was performing Tampon Tax with our creative Sue Moss, outside Eric Abetzs office. 2002? The lowlight is we need to keep singing and protesting against GST on women’s sanitary products still!!!!!!.

Congratulations on 30 years of providing information, support and a chance for many connections to women all over Tassie!!!

*Encore is a pool-based program run by Women’s Health Tasmania for women who have had breast cancer surgery. It was designed by YWCA.

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