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I did enjoy being a Rosie.

I’m from Somalia. I arrived in Darwin Australia in 2013 with my daughter Reem. She was one year old. In September 2013 we came to Tasmania. I came to Women’s Health Tasmania for the first time that month. I so enjoyed it – and I learned sewing too. I enjoyed the sewing and the conversation – everyone here was so happy and so open.

I didn’t speak any English then. English sounded so quick! Jess, the worker at Women’s Health, told me ‘the women’s group starts at 10 o’clock’, but I always came at 11 or 11.30 because I didn’t understand her.

In 2015 I started worked for a hotel as a housekeeper but I still come here on my day off every week, for Waste to Wonderful. Last year I started working for Women’s Health Tasmania. I mind the children at the group. They like playing hide and seek and football – the boys like doing cooking. They keep us happy.

Now Reem is in Prep – she’s six. She wants to be a vet – she loves animals.

I so enjoy coming to Women’s Health Tasmania. I love the Waste to Wonderful group because of the talking, the sewing, sharing food – I love everything about it.

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