Rosie the Riveter Stories


Many years ago I started by helping the centre with donations of books and clothing, towels and, personal care items for the shower service.

I have attended several forums and groups at the centre including yoga, the walking group, and the breast cancer support group.

At a difficult time in my life I saw the counsellor there and she was wonderful. She made things happen for me when everyone else had failed. She was very understanding and a great advocate

Attending the groups or just popping in has led to me to meeting many wonderful women.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, and during treatment, some of these wonderful angels extended priceless support, kindness and encouragement. For this I would like to thank them from my heart.

I don’t know where I would be without WHT and all the fabulous women who work here, or walk through the doors.

WHT is like a big bright umbrella. Shelter when times are stormy and always able to bring a zany splash of colour to make me laugh. A LOT !!!





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