Women's Health Tasmania hold events throughout the year to inform, entertain and celebrate women.

24th October 2018 - the Launch of the 30th Year!

October 2018 marks the 30th Anniversary of Women's Health Tasmania.  

To commemorate this, we are launching a campaign to raise money to provide information and activities to women who are particularly at risk of having poor health.

Our mission is to support women to be informed and active decision-makers in our health and wellbeing.To do that we want to reach women in all corners of Tasmania. We're going to save the world one pelvic floor at a time!

Our fundraising campaign is going to culminate in the

2 March 2019  WHT Big Rosie Day

To celebrate International Women's Day we're going to get as many women and girls together dressed as Rosie the Riveter as we can. The world record is 3500. Bring it on. We're aiming for 3501. So get your spots ready. Get your shirt rolled. Get ready to Rosie...

Our upcoming events are listed below, advertised in our Newsletter, and on our Facebook page.